The Guidance Department is a valuable resource for students and parents. Each student is assigned a counselor to assist with academic and personal matters. Counselors help students with course selection, scheduling, standardized testing, and deficiencies.

Another important area addressed by the Guidance Department is College Exploration and Planning. Using Student/Parent meetings, an annual college fair, college representatives scheduled during the school day, newsletters, and individual appointments, as well as Naviance - department members support students and families with college selection, application, financial aid and scholarships.

Students and parents often want to discuss personal, developmental, or social matters with a concerned adult. The guidance counselor performs this role by providing a forum for brainstorming, exploring options, mediation or sympathetic listening. When appropriate or requested, counselors identify appropriate community resources for further assistance.




Guidance Department

Cheryl Ventura, ext. 255
Director of Guidance Services 
M.Ed. Johns Hopkins University

Anne Anderson, ext. 241
Guidance Counselor 
M.Ed. George Mason University

Michael Calderone, ext. 240
Guidance Counselor 
M.S. University of Scranton

Claire Lamy, ext. 276
Guidance Counselor 
M.S. Long Island University

Jean Green, ext. 330
Guidance Administrative Assistant

Christy Mathis, ext. 244
Guidance Administrative Assistant

Clinical Counseling

Marcie Gibbons, ext. 335
Grief Counselor, LCSW 
M.A. Catholic University


GRADE        VENTURA              ANDERSON                                     LAMY                                   CALDERONE

12                A thru Gr                Gu thru Ha                                       He thru O'C                           Od thru Z
                                                      and Band                                         and Aquinas
                                                      and Pathway to Engineering™

11                A thru G                 Ha thru Haz                                     He thru O'Connor                  O'Farrell thru Z
                                                      and Band                                         and Aquinas
                                                      and Pathway to Engineering™

10                A thru Hatch          Heck thru Hill                                   Hodges thru Potter                 Powell thru Z
                                                      and Band                                         and Aquinas                          and Band
                                                      and Pathway to Engineering™    

9                  A thru G                Ha thru He                                       Hi thru Mi                                 Mo thru Z
                                                      and Band                                         and Aquinas
                                                      and Pathway to Engineering™    


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