Welcome to Spalding! We do have a graduation service requirement at our school. The following is some information that might help with your transition regarding this requirement.

  • We do accept hours that a student has completed prior to entering Spalding, however, these hours must have been completed after June 15 the summer prior to the start of a student’s freshman year of high school and not before.
  • As students and parents are most often familiar with the appropriate person to contact at previous schools, we encourage you to contact your former school for a record of previously submitted hours. Once you have obtained those records, you can submit them to our Campus Ministry office. If you have trouble obtaining this information, you may contact our Campus Ministry office to assist you.
  • If you have hours that you never submitted to your previous school, you may submit those hours by attaching them to our Service Hours Record Form  – please fill out your name and Class of on the ASHS form before you attach your records.  Any new hours that you complete after entering Spalding can also be submitted through this same form.
  • We can provide students with a list of possible Outreach Opportunities. This can be found at the Campus Ministry office and on our website. We also encourage students to seek out their own service opportunities. When doing so, students need to seek approval from the Campus Ministry office to ensure the service they have selected will qualify for the ASHS requirement BEFORE completing the service. Please give our staff adequate time before the service to respond to your request for approval.
  • Service hours for NHS are separate from the ASHS service requirement for graduation.
  • While we encourage our new students to embrace our commitment to service, depending on the year at which a student transfers into Spalding and the requirement of a student’s previous school, we are able to work with individual students to modify our requirements for graduation when necessary.  Please contact Mrs. Dols right away to set up a time to meet if you have concerns about your ability to meet our requirement.


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