Claire Woynerowski ’22 selected to serve on the Maryland Center for School Safety Student Focus Group

Sarah Arndt
Rising senior Claire Woynerowski ’22 is one of twenty-five student leaders selected from across Maryland to serve on the Maryland Center for School Safety Student Focus Group (MCSS) for the 2021-2022 term. The MCSS Focus Group members will be an invaluable resource for Maryland schools, and they will help establish the support and safety for students for the 21-22 school year. The main reason the MCSS Focus Group was developed is to utilize the efforts, voices, and viewpoints of students across Maryland as their opinions will be some of the most important of all when it comes to any discussion focused on school safety. Throughout the school year the MCSS Focus Group will explore topics such as mental health, suicide prevention, cyber bullying laws, and other safety topics at both the local and state levels. 

Claire is very passionate about the MCSS Focus Group, and had this to say about the opportunity “as Anne Arundel County's representative on the MCSS Student Focus Group, I am excited to be able to make contributions surrounding issues in our schools such as mental health awareness. On this board we are able to provide the MCSS with the view of the students within our schools and how the students feel that these issues within the education system should be addressed. Throughout my time within this focus group I am excited to not only represent the views of Anne Arundel County, but the views of Archbishop Spalding as well.” 

Archbishop Spalding offers several courses and clubs that help prepare students to succeed in an opportunity such as the MCSS Focus Group. Claire offered her appreciation to specific programs and teachers that helped her achieve her success “Spalding thoroughly prepared me for this opportunity beginning with the wisdom and guidance of Mrs. Gibbons. In addition, through my participation in Model UN and the IB program, teachers such as Mr. Mach and Mr. Stokes has allowed me to cultivate my interest in politics and public service, preparing me for my role within this group.” Spalding cannot thank the teachers enough for all they do for the students and the community. 

Claire has already started her time with the MCSS Focus Group, and has found an area that she hopes to address and improve within the school systems. Claire left her final remarks of the group so far “serving my county and school on the MCSS has so far been a wonderful opportunity because it has taught me the benefits of discussing how students can improve our schools. During my term, I will be working on communicating the issues that face our schools through digital content creation. With so many students utilizing social media, I aspire to help the Spalding community spread the word about how to make our schools more secure through these platforms.”

Thank you, Claire, for your incredible support and service to the Spalding community.  We cannot wait to see all that you will accomplish this year! Go Cavs!

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