The Archbishop Spalding Parents' Association is committed to developing and strengthening the family-school partnership in order to enhance the education of all Spalding students and the school community. Our purpose is to promote the relationship between parents and Archbishop Spalding High School, acting as a forum for communication, school spirit and community awareness.
All Spalding parents are members of the Parents' Association.  We welcome and encourage parent participation in our events.  We hold meetings 4 - 5 times per year, and also host a number of hospitality events that support our students and school community throughout the year.  These functions provide an opportunity for parents to meet other parents, teachers and administrators while helping to serve those attending, whether they be students, faculty/administration or parents.  Please consider sharing your time and talents with us at any of our events.  Your commitment may be as large and small as you choose, we welcome all levels of participation.
Sign-up to Volunteer!
If you would like to sign up as a general volunteer please CLICK HERE to provide your e-mail address.   Two to three weeks before an event we contact our parent volunteers by e-mail to ask for assistance with an event.  
You can also  e-mail us at if you have any questions about the Parents Association or one of our events.  

Parents Association Officers

List of 4 members.

  • Mrs. Natalie Bulera 

  • Mrs. Stephanie Condon 

  • Mrs. Maureen Kelly 

  • Mrs. Amy Vance 


Frequently Asked Questions

List of 2 frequently asked questions.

  • Q: Is there a carpool discussion board?

    There is!  It's on Haiku.  It is generated by postings so if no one has posted for awhile, it won't look up-to-date.  You can post your query and wait for responses.  Set your notifications in settings so you know when parents/students have posted to the discussion board.
  • Q: My child's work has vanished from Google Docs!  How do I recover?

    All hope is not lost!  Contact Mr. Strunk in the IT department and he may be able to recover lost work (or previous versions) from the school's server.