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Entering campus from New Cut Road, there is only ONE ENTRANCE and ONE EXIT.  The entrance is the closest driveway to I-97 and the exit is the second road on campus.  Yesterday, a gray minivan entered campus via the exit and could have caused a head-on collision.  Please be alert to traffic patterns and signage on and around campus.
STOP for all pedestrians in the crosswalks.  In the afternoons, the crosswalk leading from the corner of the school to the student parking lot by the softball fields has been particularly hazardous.  Please slow down and yield for students heading to the parking lot.
Please do not make a right hand turn from the parking lot by the edge of the front soccer field to head back towards the school building.  That portion of the exit driveway that is adjacent to the parking lot is one way only.
Please slow down and be aware, be patient with other drivers;  especially our new drivers, and stay safe!

2018-2019 Transportation News
Reminders for Dropping-off and Picking-up Students at Spalding
These reminders will help you navigate the Spalding campus in a safe and timely manner during the busy drop-off and pick-up times.
1. We have three main areas for dropping-off and picking-up students at Spalding:
     a. Rear of school (access campus via Stevenson Road) with entry through rear hallway and rear gym doors.
     b. The circle area near the Main Office with entry at the Main Office and Athletics Office entrances.
     c. Front of school directly facing New Cut Road with entry at the New Performing Arts Center Lobby entrance.
2. Parents using the rear drop-off area can use the entry and exit driveway located near St. Bernadette Church.
3. The circle area near the Main Office is usually not as crowded as the two other drop-off or pick-up areas with easy access to the exit driveway.
4. When using the front area of Spalding for morning drop-off, students should only depart their vehicles on the school curbside of the driveway. Follow the directions of the teachers present along the curb and the pedestrian crosswalk. You will be directed to move as far down the curb as possible in order to accommodate as many cars as possible. Please do not stop in the center or left lanes of the driveway.
5. All parking areas are less crowded before 7:40am. On a typical day, we have several hundred vehicles entering and exiting Spalding, with most of these vehicles coming between 7:40am and 7:50am. With limited entry and exit points, we usually experience a backup of traffic at the New Cut Road exit.
6. In deciding to allow your child to practice driving to or from school, keep in mind that the left turn in to school and out of school presents a challenge to many new drivers. Their hesitancy at these two areas can significantly contribute to the backups that are encountered when entering and exiting school. It may be more advantageous to have them drive from a different location.    
7. Faculty is present each day at the front and rear of school. Our presence and direction is intended to ensure the safety of our students and everyone on the Spalding campus. Please always pay attention to the faculty who are directing traffic.
8. There are seven visitor spaces available on the parking circle at the Main Office entrance. There are twelve visitor parking spaces located at the east side of the front parking area at the Performing Arts Center entrance – these spaces should be used by those expecting an extended visit at Spalding.
9. As always, please refrain from using cell phones in vehicles as you are picking-up and dropping-off your children.
Reminders for Student Parking at Spalding
1. In order to drive to school and park on campus, St. Bernadette Church or Calvary Chapel, each student must have an issued Spalding parking permit.
2. Visitor spots are not to be used by students at any time.
3.Visitor parking, Calvary Chapel parking and St. Bernadette Church parking may not be used as temporary parking.
4. Only park in your assigned spot. The gravel area can only be used by students with the proper parking permit for this area.
5. Students may not change clothes in the Spalding parking areas. This activity must be done inside the school. Failure to follow this requirement may lead to the loss of on-campus parking privileges along with other disciplinary actions.
6. Students may not go to their cars during the school day without first receiving a pass from the main office.
7. All students are expected to operate their vehicles in a safe and respectful manner. Speeding, operating a car while using a cell phone, or driving in a reckless manner will result in a loss of parking and driving privileges on the Spalding campus. 

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