Welcome From the Principal

Archbishop Spalding strives to offer students a rich, rigorous, and diverse course of study that will challenge them to grow intellectually, morally, physically, and socially.  We recognize that learning is a dynamic process where students actively engage with the content and collaborate with each other as learners. A day at Archbishop Spalding may include painting a self-portrait, engineering a robot, problem-solving in Advanced Placement Calculus, collecting data using technology in the chemistry lab, designing a webpage in computer science, writing a sonnet, and celebrating Mass in the Chapel.

One of our priorities as a Catholic high school is to welcome our students wherever they may be in their faith life.  Adolescence is a developmental phase characterized by inquiry. While we attempt to take these questions about life and faith and help them foster and strengthen their relationship with both God and their faith community, we also aim to expand their worldview beyond themselves.  
Our diverse selection of courses offers students opportunities to investigate and pursue college and career interests.  Spalding students are encouraged to discover their unique talents and to develop these talents to their highest potential. Courses are offered at different levels of study to appropriately challenge students.  The College Preparatory (CP) curriculum is rigorous and presents the most diverse course selections.  Honors-level courses are available in most courses and are designed to further challenge students.  Advanced Placement (AP) Courses in multiple disciplines allow students to challenge themselves with college-level courses.
In addition, Archbishop Spalding offers the following specialized programs of study:

I invite you to review our Course Catalog, which contains our Graduation Requirements and diverse course of study.  We are committed to providing students with the experiences they need to be successful in life!

John McCaul

One in Christ

Archbishop Spalding High School

8080 New Cut Road
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