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Incoming Freshmen and Transfer Students: Please see the information below.  

Returning Students: Please see parts 1 and 3 (in grey) below.

Welcome from the Nurse

Dear Parents of Incoming Freshman and Transfer Students,

Welcome to Archbishop Spalding High School! I am looking forward to the 2020-2021 school year.  Please read carefully and complete the below forms.  We are sending them early to allow time to make appointments to meet the August 1st deadline for returning the completed health forms. Below you will find the Health Information Form, Immunization Record and Physical Exam Form, and Maryland School Medication Administration Authorization Form that will need to be completed by your doctor and turned in by August 1st to the Health Room. (If you intend to play a sport, the physical must be dated June 1st or after. Please do not hand in a physical form to your coach, they should be emailed or faxed directly to the Health Room.)
All information is confidential. This form is completed online by a parent and only needs to be signed by one parent. If your child is under a physician’s care and/or taking daily medication – please include that information on the form.

Please login to the Spalding Portal ( to view.  Once logged in, you can complete the form by clicking on your profile button in the upper right, then Files and Forms.  If you have any trouble locating the form or logging in, please contact the Ed Tech Department at

Please fill out this form online by August 1st. 
This form is required for ALL 9th and TRANSFER students. Anne Arundel County Health Department requires up-to-date immunization records on file for all students to attend school. No students are permitted to start school without this form as well as up-to-date immunizations.

Please scan and email your completed Immunization & Physical Exam Form to or Fax a copy to 410-969-2195 by August 1st.
Under the advisement of the Anne Arundel County Department of Health/School Nurses and in compliance with the Nurse Practice Act, medication WILL NOT be dispensed without the Maryland State School Medication Administration Authorization form signed by your child’s physician and a parent signature.
Consent for Over-The-Counter Medications must be updated yearly.  The medication form must be filled out by your child’s physician and medication must be brought into school in the original container. Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen will be provided if the student has the signed form; all other medications must be brought in to school. Consent for Daily Medication must be updated yearly.  Any daily medication that your child will need during the school day (Epi-pen, Inhaler, ADHD/ADD, antibiotics, etc.) must have the medication form filled out and signed by their doctor and the medication must be in its original container.
If your child requires an Epi-pen or Inhaler, a medication form must be filled out and signed by your doctor, and the Epi-pen and/or Inhaler must be provided to the Health Room for the school year. They also may self-carry an Epi-pen and/or Inhaler at all times.

Please be advised that medications may NOT be kept in students’ lockers or backpacks other than Epi-pens and Inhalers.

Please scan and email your completed Maryland State Medication Administration Authorization Form to or Fax a copy to 410-969-2195 by August 1st.

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