The Archbishop Spalding High School Technology Department aims to offer reliable and accessible technological infrastructure to support students' academic and personal growth. We provide the technology tools and resources to succeed in a constantly evolving digital landscape. Our commitment to technology is rooted in our belief that it's an essential component of modern education.
We are here to help!  Below you can find our contact information.  We are available during school operating hours, including summer hours. 

Technology Contact Information
Email In-Person Phone Room 117 (410) 969-9105
Appointments & Visits
Have an appointment or need to stop by and see us?  Enter the building at the Main Office (map below) and let someone know you need to go to the Technology Office. 
Below is a list of our most common technology resources.

Technology Resources
Google Email & Drive
Who: Students
What: Document Creation & School Email
Where: &
Who: Students & Parents
What: Class Content & Assignments
Note: Students login using the link above and their Google Account, Parents login using the link above and an account of their choice.
The Spalding Portal
Who: Students & Parents
What: Grades & Schedule
Note: Students access the Portal via their Google account, Parents login using an account of their choice.
Who: Students
What: Student Device Internet Connection
School-Provided Resources
Microsoft Office 365
The BYOD Program
BYOD means "Bring Your Own Device," which means that every student must bring the device of their choice (provided it meets some basic requirements) to school every day.  Students use these devices for everything from accessing e-textbooks to taking assessments.  Our environment is geared towards digital materials, classwork, and homework; a working, updated device is critical to students' academic performance at Archbishop Spalding.
Technology FAQ

List of 8 frequently asked questions.

  • Q: What does my student need to do to maintain their device?

    Students are responsible for maintaining current hardware and software updates for their device.  This includes regularly checking that they are on the most current operating system for their device.  Students should also restart (not shutdown or put to sleep) their devices daily. 
  • Q: What happens if the device breaks? Will you fix it?

    No.  While we may be able to troubleshoot a simple malfunction, the device is the student's responsibility.  If the device breaks, you will have to coordinate repairing.  We highly recommend purchasing extended warranties, virus protection, and installing anti-theft software if available.
  • Q: What are the requirements for the device?

    The parameters are very wide open. Basically, the device's screen must be 11" or larger. It must have Wifi 6 connectivity. It can be a PC (Windows 11+), Macbook (Version 13 Ventura+), Chromebook (Version 115+). Battery must last the school day. It must also have a keyboard, working microphone, and video camera.  Extended warranties, protective cases, and insurance are recommended but not required.
  • Q: What devices should I avoid?

    Devices like iPads and other tablets will not be able to fully function in our environment.  Student devices should only be a recently purchased PC, Macbook, or Chromebook. 
  • Q: Will students be able to charge their devices?

    Students must come to school with their device fully charged. Battery life depends on many factors, particularly how much the device is being used and for what purpose. While allowing students to charge their devices is ultimately up to the teacher, we encourage students to use their devices judiciously. Playing games, watching movies, and unnecessary multi-tasking will run down the battery life signifcantly.
  • Q: Will there be loaner devices provided?

    In case of a hardware/device failure, or if a student forgets their device, loaner Chromebooks will be available for rental from the LMC for a fee of $10/day. The Chromebooks must be returned to the LMC at the end of each day in order to avoid disciplinary action, hefty fines, and loss of future rental privileges.
  • Q: Does my child have to bring a device or is this optional?

    Yes, every student must have their own device that they bring to school.

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