The Spalding Fund is the lifeblood of our school and provides current use resources supporting critical areas curriculum development, faculty and staff retention, extracurricular activities, technological advancements, and financial aid opportunities. The Spalding Fund aims to support a significant percentage of the school’s total operating budget. 
Every gift we receive, no matter the size, directly influences the individuals and initiatives that make Spalding truly exceptional.
2023-2024 Spalding Fund Committee

A tremendous thank you to our dedicated Spalding Fund Committee Members, who help drive our annual fund campaign. 

Amy Babst, P'26
Cameron Stehle '10
Celena Flowers P'24
Elyse Knight, P'23, P'26
Estie Kearney, P'21, P'24
Ianthe Saylor, P'21, P'25, P'27
Jenny Goncz P'13, P'26
Jiselle Burkhalter P'26
Kat Nepp '98, P'23, P'25
Kathy Godrick P'16, P'18, P'20
Lisa Body P'21, P'24
Lisa Siske '84
Max Klemm '17
Michael Collins Jr. '11
Molly LeQuang '13
Patty Alongi '84, P'13, P'18
Sharon Bogdan '74, P'13

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