Learning Resources

The Learning Resource Center supports students who would like to expand their learning through the development of improved study skills, organizational skills, and time management. Learning specialists are available during designated office hours or by appointment.

Tutoring Services

Tutoring is available through drop-in after-school tutoring or through individual tutoring. Drop-in tutoring dates are available on the school portal. Individual tutoring is provided by peers through the National Honor Society. Students may sign up for individual tutoring by using the link found on the school portal.

Academic Accommodations

Archbishop Spalding supports the varied learning styles of individual students.  Any student requesting academic accommodations must complete a formal request (see below) for review by the Learning Specialists.  Once a student is approved, the family will meet with the Director of the Learning Resource Center to create an official Academic Accommodations Plan which will be provided confidentially to the student’s teachers each semester.  During the meeting, the Director will explain uses of the plan and responsibilities of the student (and teachers) in implementing specific accommodations.  Please see the Request for Accommodations document for more detailed information.

Academic Mentoring

The Academic Mentoring Program is designed to closely coordinate the efforts of administrators, counselors, teachers, and parents to meet specific needs of students facing academic challenges. Students considered for the Academic Mentoring Program have already obtained support from the classroom teacher, the Counseling Department and other school services. These students are recommended by school administrators for the program.

Aquinas Program

The Aquinas Program offers enhanced academic services for an additional fee. Admission is limited in each grade. Families must apply for the program separately. Admission to the program requires documentation of the student's learning needs. Students within the scope of the program are individually monitored on a daily basis. Extended Learning Resource Center hours are available to these students. Please contact the Director of the Learning Resource Center for more information.
  • The curriculum is designed to meet the needs of students diagnosed with a learning disability and/or ADHD.
  • The program focuses primarily on challenges with executive functioning, working memory, and processing.
  • Separate courses available within program include English, Science, Social Studies, Math, and Spanish.
  • Courses offer alternative teaching strategies and assessment techniques to meet the learning needs of the students. The curriculum content goals match those of the College Prep curriculum.
  • Program courses provide and teach strategies to support students in utilizing strengths and navigating challenges.
  • Students receive additional education in advocacy, academic independence, and self-esteem.
  • Transitions Courses are available first semester each year. These courses focus on time management and proactive productivity skills, communication skills, growth mindset, college search process, career exploration, and college success strategies.
  • Students are continually evaluated to determine proper placement.  Many students enrolled with the Aquinas program will also take Honors, AP, or IB courses throughout their years in high school.
  • The Learning Support Staff consists of five educators who work with students through the program, tutoring, mentoring, and other support services.
  • Teachers in the program are trained and qualified to work with students who have been diagnosed with a learning disability or/or ADHD.
  • Students receive training in technology resources such as audio books, e-books, organizational systems, and other learning systems.

Director of LRC/Aquinas Program

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    Dr. Jeanine Kandrac 

    Director - Aquinas Program & Learning Resource Center
    (410) 969-9105 Ext. 1264

Learning Specialist

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    Mrs. Shelby Smith 

    Learning Specialist
    (410) 969-9105 Ext. 1209

Academic Mentoring Program

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    Mr. Troy Gibson 

    Learning Resource Center Support Staff
    (410) 969-9105 Ext. 1279

Learning Support

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    Mr. Brian Phipps 

    (410) 969-9105 Ext. 1427

Peer Tutoring Program

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    Mr. Joseph Pratt 

    Learning Resource Center Coordinator
    (410) 969-9105 Ext. 1319

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