Athletic Summer Camps

Summer Camp: Girls Volleyball

Camp Details

June 17th-18th (Setting Camp) 
June 19th-20th (Hitting & Serving Camp)
July 15th-18th (All Skills)

Rising 7th - 11th graders (Setting, Hitting, & Serving Camp)
Rising 7th - 9th graders (All Skills Camp)

Setting Camp: 9:00 - 12:00 pm 
Hitting & Serving: 3:00 - 6:00 pm 
All Skills Camp: 5:00 - 8:00 pm

Setting - $120 
Hitting & Serving - $120
All Skills - $240

About Spalding Girls Volleyball Camp

All Skills 

The Archbishop Spalding volleyball coaching staff and varsity players will lead a fun and fast-paced pre-fall season summer training camp for rising 7th – 9th graders. This camp is for athletes who want to play competitive volleyball and need a jump-start, or for athletes who are currently playing volleyball at the rec, club, middle, or high school level and need to progress their skills before the fall season tryouts. The camp will teach and improve important fundamentals of the game through many individual and group drills. In addition, every player will get plenty of court time to learn and play the game. Spalding has a great volleyball history, and the staff is committed to sharing its knowledge and training athletes to get ready to play volleyball at the next level. Program Features include: learning and practicing essential fundamentals, fun and fast-paced drills and competitive games, and endurance and strength training workouts.


Calling all aspiring setters! Elevate your game at the Setters' Academy Volleyball Camp! This summer, dive deep into the art of setting, mastering hand placement, footwork, and decision-making. Sharpen your skills through drills, scrimmages, and expert coaching. Learn to read the court, anticipate plays, and deliver pinpoint sets that ignite your team's offense. Become the conductor of the court, building confidence and leadership skills alongside fellow setters in a supportive and fun environment. Don't miss this chance to take your setting to the next level! Sign up today and unleash your inner maestro!

Hitting & Serving 

Calling all future aces! Ignite your power at the Outside Hitters' Camp! This summer, transform into a dominant force on the court. Master the art of the approach, refine your hitting technique, and unleash explosive attacks from all angles. Learn to read the setter, anticipate plays, and terminate with precision and power. Sharpen your passing, blocking, and serving skills to become a complete all-around player. Build confidence, leadership, and teamwork alongside fellow outside hitters in a dynamic and supportive environment. Don't miss this chance to take your outside hitting to the next level! Sign up today and become the unstoppable force your team needs!

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