Portal Login Instructions

Logging in to the Portal

You now have the ability to login to the Archbishop Spalding Website. See below for detailed instructions.
A few things to note:

  • Every Parent and Student will have their own log in.
  • When email is referenced, for Parents that is the email the school has on file for you.  For students, it is your school issued gmail address (@spaldinghs.org). Students log into their email accounts using the credentials given to them for Proficiency Testing at mail.google.com.
  • If you have any issues, please email Mr. Strunk and Mr. Mach at edtech@spaldinghs.org.

The purpose of this new online resource is to be a hub of information for all members of our community. Access to student grades and schedule, calendar, and commonly needed website links will be available here.

Go to the Login Screen

From anywhere on the Archbishop Spalding website, click the dark red "Login" button in the upper right corner.

Login Screen

When you arrive here, click "Forgot login or First time logging in?".

Login Screen Help

When you arrive at this screen, enter your email on file with Archbishop Spalding, then check BOTH "Username" and "Password", then click "Send".

Note: Students will use their school assigned email addresses here (@spaldinghs.org), parents will use the personal emails on file with the school.

Confirmation Screen

Once you arrive here, confirm that the email address on screen matches your email address.

You should now receive TWO emails.  One will contain your username, and the other will contain a reset password link.  Follow the instructions in those emails and you should be able to log in.  Students access their email at mail.google.com using the credentials given to them for Proficiency Testing.  Again, if you have any trouble, please contact Mr. Strunk and Mr. Mach at edtech@spaldinghs.org.

Checking Placements - Students

Once students and parents are logged in, they will be able to check Course Placements via the instructions below.

Viewing Placements - Student

Click on "My Day" in the upper left, and then "Course Requests".  Once you arrive on the new page, scroll down to see your placements.

Checking Placements - Parents

Once Parents are logged in, they can check their student's placements using the instructions below.

Select Student Name

In the upper left corner, select your student's name.  If you have mulitple students at Archbishop Spalding, this spot will say "Children".  Click "Children" then select a student to see their information.

Select Course Requests

Once you are on the student information page, click the "Course Request" tab.  Scroll down, and you will see the Course Placements on the right.

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