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Diversity and Equity

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  • Club

    This club is designed to celebrate and embrace diversity; the inclusion of all students. This club raises awareness about diversity in our community.

    Club Fundraiser for Puerto Rico 2018
  • Committee

    The purpose of the Equity and Diversity Committee is to make sure that faculty, staff, students, and parents at Archbishop Spalding High School feel as though they are an integral part of the school.

    We believe this is accomplished by working collaboratively to foster a community that promotes the growth, acceptance, understanding, and celebration of diversity. Guided by our motto, ‘One in Christ’, we will assist, with advocacy and support, in creating and sustaining an environment that is engaging and respectful to all.  


    Anne Anderson
    Katie Barnaba
    Andy Bauer
    Angie Bentzley
    Kaycie Bowen
    Caitlin Boyle
    Bethany Ely
    Janet Gers
    Marcie Gibbons
    Claire Lamy
    Rhea Leonard
    Tom Mach
    Candice Malcolm
    Cathy Klase-Markey
    Christy Mathis
    Tim McKenzie
    Regina O’Hara
    Kyle Schmitt
    Tim Strunk
    Nicki Trumpler

From the Principal's Desk:

One in Christ” - the motto of Archbishop Spalding High School, is directly connected to our vision of diversity and inclusion on campus. We bring our motto to life by respecting and embracing our differences and building a community that values the dignity of all people. We stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves. Students are encouraged to share their experiences and perspectives and to engage with each other with openness and respect. We facilitate tough conversations about bias and racism with our students. We seek to design a curriculum that acknowledges the richness of diversity, is culturally responsive and is aware of unintentional bias.
Our faith cannot be just what we say we believe --it should be unmistakable in our actions, attitudes and relationships. Jesus calls us to “love one another as ourselves” and to live in faith together as the body of Christ. We celebrate our differences because they are the work of God.  

Our Mission:

Since its inception, ASHS has dedicated and prided itself on promoting an atmosphere of learning that champions the well-being of the student by maintaining a positive environment in the School Community.

We believe this is accomplished by working collaboratively to foster a community that encourages growth, acceptance, empathy, and understanding.  

Guided by our motto, "One in Christ", ASHS continues to assist, with advocacy and support, an environment that is engaging and respectful to all.

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One in Christ

Archbishop Spalding High School

8080 New Cut Road
Severn, MD 21144