Welcome to the Spalding Fund FAQ page! We are delighted to have you here. The Spalding Fund is dedicated to supporting educational and community initiatives that foster growth, innovation, and inclusivity. Our mission is to provide financial assistance and resources to programs that make a meaningful impact in our communities.

On this page, you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Spalding Fund. 

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  • But isn’t that what tuition and fees are for?

    Not necessarily! Tuition pays for operating expenses for the school: salaries, supplies, and facility maintenance all come from this budget - they're what keep the school functional. Spalding Fund supports the things that keep the school exceptional!
  • How does the Spalding Fund impacts students and the school?

    Your contributions to the Spalding Fund are applied to the current school year to enhance academic innovation, extracurricular programming, faculty excellence, tuition assistance, and community strength. Thanks to the generous support by current and past parents, alumnae, trustees, faculty and staff, grandparents, and friends, Spalding students benefit from transformative opportunities! 
  • How much should I donate?

    The answer is simple - whatever is a meaningful gift for your and your family.

    While 100% participation is a desired goal, only the individual family knows if even a small amount would strain their finances.
  • I can't make a big gift, does my support still matter?

  • Is my donation tax-deductible?

    Yes!  Gifts to the Spalding Fund are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. 

    There are a variety of [Ways to Give]. 
  • What are Giving Societies?

  • What does the Spalding Fund pay for?

    Spalding Fund donations create a culture of yes at Spalding High School. The fund raised each year allow our school administrations to enthusiastically seize opportunities above and beyond the budgeted plan. Last year, the Spalding Fund supported:
    • Classroom improvements (whiteboard to replace chalkboard)
    • Faculty/staff professional development
    • Athletic facility improvements including replacing the Love Field lighting and landscaping work on the softball field
    • Field trips and outdoor classroom space
    • Enhanced campus security - ID badges for all students
    A robust Spalding Fund allows our operating budget to cover student needs as they arise, giving our students the best Catholic-education experience possible!
  • What is the Unus in Christo Society?

  • Who contributes to the Spalding Fund?

    EVERYONE who is a part of the Spalding community is welcome and appreciated as supporters of the Spalding Fund. Gifts to the Spalding Fund range in size from $5 to $100,000+. 

    Our community’s collective goal every year is 100% parent participation. We respectfully ask that each family embrace the Spalding Fund as a philanthropic priority. Strong parent participation and generosity make a statement to our external community who review such statistics when considering their support. 

    Thank you for your gift. The school values every gift, regardless of size. Your investment makes a lasting difference in the daily experience for all students and faculty.
  • Who determines the Spalding Fund goal? If we don't meet the goal, will the school be affected?

    Working together, the Administration, Finance Committee, School Board, and the Advancement Committee determine the Spalding Fund goal. The process is a balancing act of forecasting tuition revenue, maximizing the Spalding Fund's potential, and acknowledging the importance of the continued health and strength of our school. If we do not meet the goal, the deficit would have an across-the-board impact, with potential cutbacks shared by all divisions.
  • Whom do I contact for more information?

    Ashley Stewart, Vice President of Advancement at 410-969-9105 x 1242
  • Why does it help if I give before December 31?

    You can [make a gift] or [pledge] throughout the fiscal year, July 1-June 30. Our community strives by December 31 to raise at least 75% of our total annual goal for the Spalding Fund.

    Thank you to our generous donors who give and pledge early, allowing the school the flexibility to most thoughtfully allocate their gifts to this school year. Please plan to make your gift or pledge by December 31.
  • Why doesn't Spalding raise tuition to pay for all the operating needs?

    Although Spalding must raise tuition annually to guarantee growth in faculty salaries and educational programs, the school could not charge the full cost without seriously limiting the number of qualified students who could afford to attend. Augmenting tuition with the Spalding Fund also enables the school to keep tuition at a competitive rate with the surrounding community. 

    In addition, your gift to the Spalding Fund is tax-deductible as allowed by law; tuition is not.

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